Rebecca Leading a Next Gen Panel in Vancouver

Rebecca Finley-Schidlowsky will be Vancouver this May 11, 2023 leading a Next Gen Panel at DC Finance’s Family Office & High Net Worth Conference. Rebecca will be joined by Next Gens: Tim Yeung, Kim Collins, Aliya Rota, and Willson Guimont to discuss important topics like:

✓ Biggest challenges/ stresses you face being a Next Gen in a family with significant legacy?

✓ How did you find your own identity/passion within your family?

✓ what do you wish other parents/family offices would consider when supporting/ engaging Next Gens?

More about the Conference:

From an overview of the financial markets and life after COVID to investments in real estate, technology and alternative. From estate planning, preparing the next-generation, woman entrepreneurship and family business to dealing with depression and addictions, philanthropy, impact investing and the arts. From marrying wealth to divorcing it. We will discuss many of the issues that are on the agenda of the high net worth community. Join us!

We provide our guests with a unique family conference experience with first tier content by notable speakers in an environment that allows for great networking opportunities. Come and gain valuable insights and learn fresh innovative ideas from a distinguished panel of experts from all across the globe speaking on a variety of unique topics.

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