Nurturing Family Ties

Preserving and celebrating your family’s distinctiveness 

Celebrating family history, nurturing values and philanthropy, and strengthening the family bond are the pillars of multi-generation family enterprises. The Finley team works with business families to document and promote the legacy that has been built by the hard work of recent generations.

Repurposing organization and market data to support Board and Executive Decision Making


Work with family members to articulate the motivations, special interests and desired outcomes for family’s digital ‘museum’, which can securely share captured memories, documents and artifacts. Develop policies on curation, extent and portrayal of the family history.


Locate and catalogue photos, documents, artifacts and memorabilia. Produce video interviews to capture the family story. Work with the family to curate and plan the ‘family story’.

Digital Family Archive

Launch a secured, family intranet portal to showcase the most significant stories and artifacts in a digital Family Archive, hosted on a secured family intranet portal. The Finley team can manage ongoing development of the Family Archive.

Generational Engagement

Support emerging  family leaders to sustain the family legacy; opportunities for endowments and sponsorships; load of artifacts to universities and cultural centers; capturing and curating ongoing family achievements.