Roles, Rules, Reporting

Clear governance enables success through generational transitions. 

Accountability and timely decision-making allow Family Offices to function smoothly, meet challenges and flourish for shareholders and management alike. Finley & Associates have helped many organizations that were under-performing in large part due to weak governance and practices that created confusion and triggered strong emotions.

Depending on the maturity and extent of your family’s business portfolio, we propose a work plan from our portfolio of tools and services:

Governance Orientation

A tailored program for family members to build understanding and alignment on the approach to overseeing and participating in the management of the family’s business and philanthropic interests.

Family Office Structure

Co-create the desired Family Office structure, governance, accountabilities, practices and policies such as those for social media, travel security and recreational property that are often overlooked. Clarify roles and responsibilities for family and non-family members and develop position descriptions and compensation benchmarking.

Strategic Renewal

Assess the strategies of the key family businesses, philanthropic ventures, and the Family Office. Ensure alignment with the Family Strategy and facilitate the development multi-year strategic plans, key performance indicators and strategic priorities.

Board Secretariat

Support the family and its enterprise governance by facilitating family councils, Boards or advisory bodies by: managing the annual calendar, agendas and review materials preparation; drafting policy; monitoring and reporting performance measures; and enabling executive performance reviews.