Action Plans and Entrepreneurship

Business families sustain their success through planned renewal 

Business planning creates agreement about how the business will expand and respond to changes in markets, skills requirements and economic uncertainty. It’s an important process for all businesses, however Family Offices must also think through ongoing development of skills within it’s emerging business and philanthropic leaders. Finley & Associates has unique experience in planning for both business results and family leadership development.

Strategic Business Plans

Facilitate family and business managers through a structured approach to building a business plan that bridges strategic goals and financial targets through action plans with measurable objectives, accountabilities and Family Office reporting expectations.

New Ventures

Support development of entrepreneurial skills in the family’s emerging leaders through assessment frameworks, business plan development, partnership fundamentals. Development of advisory councils or investment panels to engage the wisdom other family members and business expertise is a common occurrence.

Implementation Planning

Facilitate or support teams tasked with developing implementation plans and delivering on the strategic priorities of the family and its businesses. Implementation task teams provide a unique opportunity for the emerging family leaders to work with experienced managers in the family business, and develop insight and leadership skills with hands-on support and coaching from the Finley team.