Engagement, Decision-making, Harmony

Thriving Family Offices sustain growth, develop new leaders and build legacy. 

At Finley & Associates, we measure our success by how effectively our client families can come to important decisions, maintain unity and build their legacy.

Working with new clients, much of the initial focus is on family business structure, leadership roles and responsibilities, new business opportunities, and shareholder perspectives. Conflict is not uncommon. The Finley team actively engages family members – both executives management and shareholders – with the goal of elevating the families’ dialogue and decision-making.

We are strategists, motivators and catalysts,genuinely excited to see family leaders grow.

Finley & Associates emphasizes planning and objective-setting with measurable results- for the business portfolio and for the executive leaders. Placing skills development and capacity building at the center of a successful Family Office creates the path to effective decision-making and family harmony.

We deliberately structure our work with Family Offices to transfer knowledge and create sustainable success. The Finley team has our clients celebrate family history, articulate their values, and envision their legacy as a path to effective decision-making. We are strategists, motivators and catalysts, genuinely excited to see family members contribute, in their own way, to the family legacy.