Evading the Transition Trap

Generational preparedness the key to thriving Family Offices. 

Family Offices are dependent upon the inherent lifecycle of family members themselves. The unique challenge for high-net worth families lies in developing the potential within the family at all ages and stages. Finley & Associates encourages a close look at each adult family member, engaged or not, for their potential to contribute to the family’s legacy or business success, as a means of sustaining long term unity.

Capacity Building

Assess, educate and coach leadership skills across family members and the non-family business management team. We co-create an program that develops consistent, baseline financial acumen, communications and listening skills, governance practices and behaviour, entrepreneurship and business risk assessment.

Succession Planning

Succession plans for CEO and other Executive roles, plus Boards and family governing bodies, that account for a wide variety of scenarios and timing (e.g., sabbatical, illness, retirement or untimely demise)

Leadership Development

Individual two-year development plans for key family members undertaking new leadership roles, or those increasing their involvement in governance and direction setting for the Family Office. Leadership plans address personal aspirations and knowledge gaps, and cultivate financial acumen, leadership and governance skills, entrepreneurism and interpersonal conflict management. Ongoing assessment, coaching and feedback sessions are typically incorporated.