Inspiring Leaders, Co-Creating Solutions, Delivering Impact

Practitioners and thought-leaders in Family Office transitions. 

At Finley & Associates, we have experience spanning over 30 years, working with public agencies, corporations, artistic companies and social enterprises – a testament to our process discipline and collaborative style. Our core competencies are in strategy, governance, leadership development and business transformation.

However, our passion in the last decade has been enterprising families and the businesses they have built. Underpinning our results record is the Finley team’s approach – careful listening, engagement of all family shareholders, clear communication, fresh ideas, and thought-provoking facilitation.

Underpinning our results – careful listening,full engagement, fresh ideas, and thought-provoking facilitation.

The Finley team prides itself on our make-up – emulating the best of family enterprises – with a diversity of expertise and leadership styles. We are thought leaders and committed practitioners of inter-generational learning and leadership development, with our own team taking the time to learn from each other, celebrating success and growing our skills. We are avid users of enabling technology, better serving our clients with innovative services.

Based in Calgary Alberta, we serve business families across Canada’s major cities. The range of our client needs are extensive, and we draw upon a carefully cultivated network of associates and content specialist in business, academia and social enterprise across Europe and North America.