Five Sisters and Two Executors: A Case Study – FFI Practitioner  (2021)

Vijay Sathe, Alfredo Enrione and Donna Finley

“… Trustees appointed because they have earned the complete confidence of the Family Business Leader may abuse this trust in their self-interest.”

Stuart Campbell was a self-made Australian billionaire.

Most of his wealth was tied up in one of the country’s largest mines, but he was also partial owner of a film production company in the UK, a tech start-up in Silicon Valley, and a number of smaller companies around the world. Stuart was not much for governance, organization structure, or formal systems.

Stuart was married and had five daughters. The first two, in their late 30s, had worked in their father’s businesses in administrative roles and had left the firm when they got married and had children. The other three daughters were all single. The third daughter was a successful op-ed writer on political issues who published under a pseudonym in order to protect the family name, and the two youngest were finishing college.

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